Electronic Music

When I was 6 years old, my parents bought me a mandolin and enrolled me lessons at the same time I began singing in the choir and playing piano. 

I gave the flute a go in the fifth grade, but it turned out I was full of hot air!

Thankfully, learning to play the guitar in high school turned out to be bully repellent, and playing the drums took me (and anyone who was listening) into outer space.

Even though I love acoustic instruments, I enjoy composing, arranging, looping and effecting music with machines smarter than me. Thus, this collection of instrumental electronic tracks showcase a variety of influences. 

Finally, while I love sounds from the last 7 decades of popular music, my favorite genres to listen to are world, classical and electronic.

Instrumental Piano

Nothing moves me like solo piano - except perhaps solo guitar, solo violin and solo drums!

I consider these released instrumental tracks experimental lo-fi demos which kicked off the creation of a catalog of close to 400 pieces, which is growing by the day.

Even thought I am amazed at how every instrument I play brings out something different, and each require varying degrees of physical dexterity, approach and attitude, I am developing a very special relationship with the middle-most 4 octaves of the piano.


May I present a fraction of my home demo recordings over the last 20 years - all written, performed and recorded by yours truly on a variety of instruments. 

I often say that expressing myself with words and music saved my life. Perhaps these tunes will evoke emotions that soothe the savage beast within you, as they did (and do) for me.