Rhythm, Rhyme & Resilience - How To Find Your Groove By Writing Songs (Virtual Workshop)

Via playful exercises, participants will compose their own 5-part symphony of self-expression based on five key elements of songwriting (melody, harmony, rhythm, rhyme and repetition), while simultaneously learning my 5-step recipe for bully repellent I call Creative Confidence: Curiosity, Courage, Commitment, Compassion and Contribution. 

Throughout this engaging experience, attendees will discover not only the profound power of their unique voices, but also a way of life that mirrors their individuality and resonates deeply with those who listen.

1: The Heart of Curiosity
Just as a melody forms the heart of a song, curiosity lays the foundation for your unique creative expression. It's the initial spark, the tune that lingers in your mind, waiting to be discovered. Participants will explore the vast landscape of their imagination, seeking out the melodies that resonate within their souls.

2: The Authenticity of Courage

Like harmonies weaving together to create depth and richness in music, courage blends with curiosity to infuse your creations with depth and authenticity. It's the willingness to harmonize with your inner voice, even when it feels vulnerable. Participants will embrace the harmonies of their truth, creating a symphony of boldness within their art.

3: The Coherence of Commitment

Just as rhythm provides structure and coherence to a song, commitment gives shape to your creative process. It's the steady beat that propels you forward, allowing your ideas to flow in sync. Participants will establish a rhythm of practice, helping them understand that consistency is the drumbeat of progress.

4: The Resonance of Compassion

Rhyme brings cohesion and resonance to lyrics, much like compassion weaves understanding into your creative journey. It's the lyrical thread that connects hearts and minds. Participants will be encouraged to infuse their work with compassion, allowing their words to rhyme with the universal experiences of humanity.

5: The Echo of Contribution

Repetition is the refrain that leaves a lasting impression in a song, and contribution is the echo of your creativity in the world. It's the recurring theme that resonates with others, creating a lasting impact. Participants will come to understand that their continued willingness to share becomes a chorus that reverberates through the hearts of their audience.

To book a virtual Rhythm, Rhyme & Resilience workshop for your organization, please email: oliverlukedelorie@gmail.com